Dear Neighbor,

Appleton’s future is as bright today as it has ever been. I am grateful for the support and partnership of so many throughout this community since we set out on this work together. Despite all we have faced, we have accomplished much. Appletonians have demonstrated, time and again, that the things that make our community special empower us to meet any challenge we might encounter. 


As we look to the future, we know that we will continue to be presented with choices to make about our priorities as a community. I look forward to continuing to work every day with humility, responsibility, and respect to move our community forward. 


This city, my hometown, inspires and motivates me every day. I would be honored to have your support as we set out on the next four years, together.

Tested, Trusted Leader


Mayor Jake Woodford has led Appleton with dedication and integrity. From steering major civic projects like planning neighborhoods and revitalizing the Appleton Public Library, to managing a generational crisis in the pandemic, he is a tested and trusted leader.

As an experienced administrator, Mayor Woodford has sharpened the City’s focus on stewardship of resources, using data to help inform decision-making. He has eliminated barriers to participation in local government and has been firm in his commitment to making Appleton more welcoming. Mayor Woodford advocated statewide for an increase in shared revenue funding from the State’s historic surplus and worked alongside fellow municipal leaders to better serve residents across the Fox Cities. Through partnership, engagement, and healthy competition, Appleton has unlocked private sector development and leadership that will help keep our local economy strong.

Mayor Woodford has found ways to reduce project costs through innovative partnerships and by making tough decisions in the best interests of taxpayers. He led the creation of a debt management strategy that has stabilized the City’s borrowing and debt repayments, putting Appleton on a more sustainable financial path moving forward.

Under Mayor Woodford’s administration, Appleton has deepened its role as a leader in the state on sustainability and resiliency and has broadened the scope of inclusion work to include everyone, including seniors and veterans among others.

He represents our city with professionalism and has demonstrated a commitment to accessibility and accountability to the public.



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