A Neighbor Who Listens • A Leader Who Cares

Dear Neighbor,

I’m proud to call Appleton my hometown, and my wife and I have built our lives here because we believe in its future.

Appleton is where it is because of the wisdom and effort of generations of people from all walks of life who’ve shared a desire to live well. Our future depends on our ability to keep moving forward. We can do that while holding true to our common values of hard work, generosity, and respect for others.

To be the city we aspire to be, we must affirm our values and join together. As your Mayor, I’ll work every day with humility, responsibility, and respect to move our Appleton forward.

I’m inspired by your passion for our community and grateful to join you in making it the place it is and can be.

Prepared to Lead

Today, I hold a senior leadership role at Lawrence University, a $70 million-a-year enterprise that functions like a small city itself, serving a sizable community in the heart of Appleton.

I’ve learned how to lead by doing. I’ve met budgets and planned infrastructure. I’ve successfully negotiated with city government, real estate developers, educational institutions, and state regulators. I’ve trained with FEMA and managed crises. I’ve used my role to create space for neighbors to weigh in on important decisions that affect their lives. In my career and life, I’ve brought together competing interests to solve problems and achieve common goals.

This is what it takes to lead a community: applicable experience, meaningful partnerships, a demonstrated commitment and ability to bring people together, and a track record of getting things done.

Get Involved

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